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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Riptide Autonomous Solutions

Pembroke, MA, USA • • Annual Sales: $5 million

Riptide has pioneered a new class of UUV: a low-cost open vides a state-of-the-art, low cost solution for UUV users. The source micro vehicle. In addition to the technical achieve- micro-UUV features open hardware and software interfaces ment, use of modern manufacturing techniques has allowed giving users a reliable platform to advance technology devel- the price of the vehicle to be roughly $15,000. This has been opment. The vehicle design is optimized for high ef? ciency accomplished in less than two years. In 2015, several veterans with the best hydrodynamic signature in its class. The base of the conventional UUV sector set out to change the dynam- micro-UUV is 4 7/8 inches in diameter, 40 inches in length ics of the industry, founding Riptide Autonomous Solutions. and weighs 22 lbs. The standard system is rated to a depth

Riptide is led by Jeff Smith (pictured below), the former of 300 meters. Riptide’s micro-UUV features three individu-

COO of Blue? n Robotics. The team also includes Dr. Dani ally actuated control ? ns providing active roll stabilization.

Goldberg, another Blue? n veteran, as principal software engi- An active GPS antenna, WiFi communications, and vehicle neer. Senior advisors to the company include Michael Kutzleb recovery strobe LEDs are integrated into the vertical control founder of Phoenix International; David Kelly, CEO of In- ? n, for maximum ef? ciency. Open system design provides for novasea; and VADM (ret) Michael Connor. Riptide is a young easy user modi? cation and customization, making this an ide- entrant in the mature marine robotics community in Massa- al platform for a wide variety of development needs. Multiple chusetts. Founded by veterans of the maritime industry, the energy source options allow maximum ? exibility for endur- team is supported by relationships with aca- ance, safety, shipping, and mission optimiza- demics such as Dr. Stefano Brizzolara of MIT tion. The micro-UUV architecture maximizes and various consultants. The company’s core the use of existing open source software, expertise is rapid design and development of both to provide a mature platform and to tap compact and affordable marine robotics. To into existing energetic user communities. In date the company has developed and deliv- the initial release of micro-UUV software, ered a novel micro-UUV that provides sig- Riptide provided code for the Arduino and ni? cant capability at a low price point, under Beaglebone Black development platforms, as $15,000. well as support for the MOOS-IvP robot con-

Riptide’s ? rst product is the micro-UUV, a trol engine. Future releases will support for highly ? exible, open source vehicle that pro- ROS (the Robot Operating System).


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