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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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EdgeTech Upgrades Sonar Software

EdgeTech has released a new version of its Discover sonar software, featuring a new software coverage mapper module with advanced navigation features, as well as a new target logger module that sim- pli? es the analysis and measurement of targets of interest. The new software comes with all of the manufacturer’s new side scan sonar systems.

Kongsberg USV Control System

Kongsberg’s new autonomous surface vehicle control system K-

MATE, is to be integrated with SEA-KIT, a new class of maritime au- tonomous surface vessel being built by U.K. manufacturer Hushcraft and operated by SEA-KIT International. K-MATE provides adaptive waypoint following for survey and AUV operations while accepting sensor data for scene analysis and collision avoidance.

New Submersible GPS Receiver

A new, robust submersible GPS receiver with integrated L1 + L2 an- tenna has been launched for the marine survey market. The MiniPod 101G from Modulus Technology Ltd is a lightweight yet rugged prod- uct providing streamer head and tail positioning, source positioning for 3D UHR seismic operations and is suited for the positioning of subsea excavation vehicles, or towed sensors such as magnetometers, that operate in shallow waters.

New OEM Temperature Sensors

Soundnine Inc. (S9) has launched new OEM Digital Temperature

Modulus Technology

Sensors for integration on underwater instrumentation, drifting buoys,

ROVs, AUVs or industrial and laboratory applications. Two mechani- cal con? gurations are offered: a screw-in type having 7/16-20 threads commonly used on underwater bulkhead connectors, or plain shank version. The screw-in type has an optional screw-on probe guard.

Both are available with wire leads or solder connections.

New Oil? eld Comms

Moog Focal has introduced the Quad Serial Server (QSS) module,

S9 Modulus Technology which combines a 4-channel serial server with integrated 3-port Eth- ernet switch on a single 3U Eurocard to seamlessly integrate serial interface sensors with modern Ethernet-based control systems. It also enables transmission of Ethernet data over legacy serial telemetry links.

Moog Kongsberg EdgeTech

Moog S9 Kongsberg EdgeTech

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