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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Well-Safe Solutions

Xodus Group

The Chatty Scientist

Patterson Salardi Coley

Salardi brings to the role more than 20 offers tailored workshops for on-site

New Decommissioning Player

A new entrant to North Sea years’ experience in the management coaching, along with a growing range decommissioning, Well-Safe Solutions of oil and gas assets, joining Xodus of online resources including blogs, was established by a group of oil from operator Quadrant Energy where expert interviews, videos and podcasts – industry stalwarts Alasdair Locke, Mark he was senior project manager for a all geared to help scientists better share

Patterson and Paul Warwick, setting out number of decommissioning programs their research in a range of formats, to provide a new approach to the safe in Australia. including social media.

and cost-ef? cient decommissioning of

Meet The Chatty Scientist New Hires Join Kraken Robotik subsea wells. The new start company, which aims to attract $260 million in The new online science communication Kraken Sonar Inc. subsidiary Kraken investment and create 400 new jobs, platform, called The Chatty Scientist, Robotik GmbH has added several new will offer a specialist well abandonment offers interactive resources and modern, members to its team: Dr. Jan Albiez, service. ? exible training that helps scientists Director of Engineering; Dr. Sylvain discover the tools to best communicate Joyeux, Senior Software Scientist; and their research, increase exposure and Patrick Paranhos, Director, Business

Aquabotix Names Curley CDO

UUV Aquabotix Ltd has appointed connect with audiences around the Development.

Ted Curley to the position of Chief world. • Dr. Jan Albiez – Director of

Development Of? cer (CDO) of its The Chatty Scientist is the brainchild Engineering: After being employed

U.S. subsidiary, Aquabotix Technology of the platform’s founder and CEO, for six years as researcher in robotics

Corporation. Curley will be based in Kira Coley, a contributing writer to at FZI in Karlsruhe, Germany, Albiez the Massachusetts of? ce and his duties Marine Technology Reporter, freelance received his PhD from the University include overseeing all facets of the sales science writer and lecturer in science of Karlsruhe in 2007 for his work on and business development functions. communication at the University of biologically inspired walking machines.

Curley has more than 25 years sales Portsmouth, U.K. • Dr. Sylvain Joyeux – Senior experience. Most recently Curley Coley said, “The training options Software Scientist: Since receiving his was Director of Sales - Vehicles at available these days are too limited – not PhD in 2007, Joyeux has been working

Teledyne Marine, a division of Teledyne everyone wants to learn everything there on software frameworks to enable long-

Technologies, Inc. is to know about science communication term autonomy in robotic systems. Until in one go. And, who has the time? 2014 he was part of DFKI in Germany,

Trainers need to rethink how we can where he managed autonomy-related

Salardi to Lead Xodus’ Decom

Xodus Group appointed Enrico Salardi best work with scientists so they can get projects and later led DFKI’s Autonomy as its decommissioning director to lead access to these skills in the easiest and team. the company’s ‘decom division’ which most effective way possible.” • Patrick Paranhos – Director, was formed in 2015. With this in mind, The Chatty Scientist Business Development: Paranhos

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