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offshore wind projects, software de- R&D and it’s a real passion of mine.

Marine Hub Cornwall are on a velopment and vessel design and other When this position came up at Marine mission to showcase the UK’s

R&D projects. There was a real sense Hub Cornwall, I felt that it was a chance southwest coast as a world class of what could be possible with marine to put my money where my mouth was. technology companies investing in the I’ve been pretty vocal at Mojo about center for marine technology and innovation. Working along- side Invest in Cornwall, which manages inward investment into the region, Marine Hub’s Opera- tions Director, Matt Hodson, ex- plains why he believes Cornwall is best positioned to be a global hub for the marine renewable in- dustry.

To kick off, can you give the readers a brief overview of your experience and what led you to become the Opera- tions Director at Marine Hub?

I’ve spent much of my early career at sea and I’m lucky enough to have worked across a wide spectrum of areas within the marine technology industry.

After 12 years being promoted through various Deck Of

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