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failure of a lack of R&D activity in the SME population. We lion grant fund where we can help supply grants to support have a lot of innovative companies which are doing well, but R&D projects. It’s fascinating. We’re seeing such a diverse if you look at the percentage of turnover we can do better. range of really interesting solutions. We have around 150-

That is in line with the UK industrial strategy and a UK-wide 160 companies in the pipeline now and it ranges from wave mission to really look at increasing R&D activity. energy products to hybrid drive electric propulsion systems.

We have several other projects that are happening through We have people looking at tendering for offshore wind, boat

Invest in Cornwall that look to do similar things across aero- landings, hydrographic survey solutions and autonomous space, health, agriculture and space. Marine-i is focusing on vessels. the marine technology companies that are looking to create If we can get 100 companies being more R&D focused products, processes, and services for the marine industry. within the next two years on top of what we are already do-

How do we do it? It’s a combination of support from uni- ing, it will make a huge difference to the industry. Those new versity partners including University of Exeter, University products, processes, and services will be key in driving ex- of Plymouth and also the Cornwall College Group to sup- ponential growth in companies. I’m really passionate about port these companies with research. We have the Offshore it and it’s what I did when I worked at Mojo. I know it works

Renewable Energy Catapult with Cornwall Marine Network and I’m delighted to be playing my part in supporting it now who link the markets and the private sector. We’re also at Marine Hub.

managing the Marine Challenge Fund which is a £3.91 mil-

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