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Underwater Defense

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Tech Talk: LARS dicts the sea state. This allows the winch tow cable even in high seas. A fully au- the strict international standards of to predict timing of wave peaks and tonomous mode allows the KATFISH Lloyd’s Register and DNV-GL codes. It troughs and optimize the variable torque tow body to command the winch. As is a fully electric system, providing im- on the motor to minimize input distur- water depth increases or decreases, the proved response times and eliminating bances through the tow cable. KATFISH can autonomously measure the need for secondary hydraulic power

The operator can achieve manual con- the depth and command the winch to units. And it can be integrated on a wide trol of the Tentacle Winch either through reel in or pay out. This enables increased range of vessels, from small unmanned manual switch inputs similar to those safety, allowing for fully automated surface vessels to large offshore support in traditional systems, or remotely via bottom-avoidance maneuvers even in ships. secure Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces. dynamic environments.

A semi-autonomous mode allows for The Tentacle Winch is designed to

Conditioned Re? exes dynamic surge (front/back motion) and be both intelligent and robust. It meets

In nature, we often hear reference to heave (up/down motion) compensation military shock and vibration require- re

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