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Underwater Defense

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minimize the risk of damage to the tow motor operation and disconnects power typical human, the onboard memory of body while eliminating any risk of cable to the motors. A variety of warnings on the Tentacle Winch records all motion breakage. the operator panel also alert the user to data within the system and any signi? -

The high-level control system is parameters that exceed pre-set operating cant motion events (over temperature, akin to the conscious actions of a hu- thresholds. A movable light stack with excess torque, excess tension, etc.) This man operator, and allows for control of audible alert provides a visual and au- data can be used to automatically tune launch, deployment and recovery to be dible indication of the operating status. the control system modules through fully manual, remote or autonomous. Although not as fast as the neurons machine learning techniques, improv-

We designed the control system to be used in withdrawal re? exes in nature, ing the response times and overall per- ? exible, using Ethernet and Wi-Fi com- the Tentacle Control System includes a formance, furthering conditioning the munications throughout so the entire real-time processor and ? eld-program- re? exes of the Tentacle.

system can be integrated easily with mable gate array (FPGA) for almost in- One example future application under other shipboard systems. The high-level stantaneous and deterministic safety re- consideration is supply ships and other control system is made up of an operator sponses processed directly in hardware. vessels that experience relative mo- control panel, electrical control panel, This ensures all safety features and fail- tion issues. These vessels would ben- winch and actuator motors, and a vari- safes react instantaneously, regardless e? t greatly if the motion compensation ety of limit switches and sensors to limit of the operational state of the Tentacle system were augmented by motion data range of motion and detect the correct from a ? oating target platform. The sys- launch and recovery of the KATFISH. tem could then determine the relative

Future Development

The operator panel consists of a touch We believe the Tentacle Autonomous motion between the host vehicle and screen, manual controls and indicators. Launch and Recovery System and Intel- the target platform and adjust the cable

The touch screen (which can be used ligent Winch technology is an excellent length so the target would see no relative with gloves, in real-world weather con- platform for further development. It is motion between the cable end and the ditions), provides the operator with cur- a versatile combination of key enabling platform. As more sophisticated motion rent and historical operating data, con- control technologies become available, technologies, and each of those tech- ? guration of operating parameters and nologies is fundamentally scalable for they can be easily incorporated into the alerts and warnings. The status of the larger (or smaller) applications.

Tentacle system. Like its namesake in autonomous controllers is continuously In an effort to mimic the memory of a nature, the system is strong and ? exible.

monitored, and real-time information is broadcast over the Ethernet and Wi-

Fi interfaces. Operators can wirelessly monitor the operating status and view key data such as cable direction, scope and speed and critical parameters such

NEVER LOSE YOUR COOL. as motor temperature and cable load.

Safety Features

Safety is priority number one in any marine operations, and Kraken has tak- en this to heart within the design of the

Tentacle. Although many creatures can survive and regrow severed limbs, hu- mans are not one of them. The Tentacle

Winch includes a variety of autonomous controllers and intelligent modules, all of which prioritize the safety of the hu-

Peak performance. Cool efciency. R.W. Fernstrum’s man operator and any other deck per- team ensures you get the most efective cooling sonnel the above all else. system that accounts for every condition of your real world. So you’re in the water and ready for the job

We made sure that the safety features ahead.

were clear and easy to use. Each con-



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Cool when you need it. Boxcooler®xcooler® trol panel has an emergency stop (E-


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stop) switch; the operator panel has an additional E-stop that can be connected on a ? ying lead. When the E-stop is

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