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Autonomously Operating Winches for Naval USVs

U.S. based aerospace and defense development and manu- comply with the MIL standard 901D for shock and vibration.

facture company Textron Systems Unmanned Systems has Additionally, the winches’ modular and compact design al- taken delivery of new purpose-built autonomous launch and lows for ? exible system installation on USVs, which are used recovery winch systems speci? cally designed for the high- to autonomously sweep, localize and neutralize mines and endurance Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV). other explosive devices without human interaction. In addi-

The custom-engineered winches were designed, manufac- tion to mine countermeasure application, the USVs may target tured, assembled, tested and delivered by MacArtney to adapt a wide range of commercial applications, too. to Textron Systems’ speci? c requirements. The winches are made of aluminum and special alloys, which

In designing the winches, MacArtney said it placed special make them lightweight and corrosion resistant. In terms of emphasis on tailoring the design and features to the conditions pull force/winch weight ratio, this will also allow for added that they will be experiencing throughout their service lives. vehicle fuel capacity.

They are designed and engineered for optimal durability and

TE SubCom Launches Ocean Control Suite

TE SubCom introduced its Ocean Control suite, a technology the company says represents a leap forward in network control ef? ciency through software-de? ned networking (SDN). By enabling automated control over all parts of a communications network, the Ocean Control suite offers extensive remote programmability and control of an entire communications network, both terrestrial and undersea. The suite uses RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs) with read and write func- tionality to interface with undersea network elements like Wavelength Selective Switch Recon? gurable Optical Add Drop

Multiplexer (WSS ROADMs). SubCom partner Ciena is among the ? rst to take advantage of the new API capabilities, which was demonstrated to a select audience in Ciena’s Ottawa labs throughout May. The ? rst release of Ocean Control is available now with the full support of SubCom’s enhanced Line Monitoring System (eLMS). Two additional releases are anticipated later this year that will further expand and enhance the Ocean Control suite’s functionality to cover all major wet and dry network elements.

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