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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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Harp Heijermans Garcia & Burke

Photo: WHOI

Photo: Boskalis

ASA structuring project for the three Stand- Group (GMG), appointed Ian Bryan, Rebecca Garcia-Malone, ASA Educa- alone Companies created in the context Managing Director of Group Opera- tion Committee Chair, presents Dr. of the #BOURBONINMOTION strate- tions; Mike Daniel, Managing Director Richard J. Burke, ABS Professor of gic action plan. of Global Offshore and Mark Preece, Naval Architecture & Engineering,

Managing Director of CWind to its SUNY Maritime College, with an of-

WHOI Hires Harp Board of Directors. ? cial invitation to join the ASA as

The Woods Hole Oceanographic In- the very ? rst honorary maritime fac- stitution has hired Samuel C. Harp as ulty member representative, July 20,

Personnel Changes at ARL the Institution’s

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