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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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Photo by Julianna Smith, RoboNation ing and Operations Research, 1990). He

Students Face Off Underwater Trelleborg Building has worked in industry for Mobil Ship- Nearly 50 high school and university Hyperbaric Test Site ping and Transportation Company, the teams from around the world partici- Trelleborg’s offshore facility based in st

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, and at pated at the 21 International RoboSub Skelmersdale, U.K., broke ground on the United States Salvage Association. Competition at the Space and Naval its new 630m² testing facility that will

Warfare Systems Center Paci? c Trans- house two state-of-the-art hyperbaric

Shearwater Buys Schlumberg- ducer Evaluation Center in San Diego. test chambers. The new equipment will er’s Seismic Business

The autonomous submarine competi- be able to simulate extreme deepwater

Norwegian marine geophysical ser- tion, co-sponsored by the Of? ce of Na- pressure conditions, enabling accurate vices company Shearwater GeoServices val Research (ONR) and the Association testing of subsea and drilling equipment.

Holding AS has entered into a de? ni- of Unmanned Vehicles International tive agreement to acquire the marine Foundation, tested students’ mechani- Maersk to Help seismic acquisition assets and opera- cal, electrical, computer and systems

Clean Ocean Plastic tions of Houston-based Schlumberg- engineering skills—as well as their Offshore services provider Maersk er’s geophysical services product line, presentation skills and teamwork while Supply Service has signed onto a proj-

WesternGeco. The transaction, which competing for cash prizes. Harbin En- ect that aims to collect tons of plastic remains subject to regulatory approvals gineering University (China) took this waste littering the world’s oceans. In the and other customary closing conditions, year’s top prize, while National Univer- comping months, the Denmark based is expected to close in the fourth quar- sity of Singapore and École de Technol- ? rm will provide marine support to the ter of 2018. Shearwater will acquire 10 ogie Supérieure (Canada) placed second Dutch nonpro? t The Ocean Cleanup, high-end seismic acquisition vessels, in- and third, respectively. Smaller awards which will install its ? rst cleanup sys- cluding seven 3D vessels and three mul- in specially judged categories went to tem in the North Paci? c as part of the tipurpose vessels (MPVs) con? gured the University of Maryland, Baltimore planet’s ? rst large-scale initiative for to serve the OBS market, 12 complete County; École de Technologie Supéri- collection of ? oating ocean-plastic de- streamer sets with spares, as well as two eure; Texas A&M University; Wash- bris. This fall the ? rst offshore clean- source vessels. ington State University; University of ing system will be installed in the Great

The proposed transaction also includes Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (Puerto Rico); Paci? c Garbage Patch (GPGP), located

WesternGeco proprietary marine seis- San Diego Robotics 101; University of 1,200 nautical miles off the coast of San mic technology, as well as development Alberta (Canada); Ohio State Univer- Francisco. The system will be deployed and manufacturing facilities in Norway sity; and Wroclaw University of Science by Maersk Supply Service’s AHTS ves- and Malaysia. and Technology (Poland). sel Maersk Launcher.

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