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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Another interesting feature was a cyclonic-like structure observed at the margin of the Northern current, which results from current instabilities.

Such structures of few kilometers and short du- ration are hardly detectable from other means (e.g. ship, satellite) and almost impossible to forecast with numerical simulations.


The success of these missions highlights the reliability of measuring accurate depth-resolved water velocity pro? les with SeaExplorer glid- ers. Measuring water currents from a glider has many bene? ts. Data can be obtained in near- real-time, with a high vertical resolution (in the order of 1 m) and up to 1000 m depth (unlike a ship-mounted ADCP which has a depth range of around 400 m). Velocity pro? les may also be very useful to interpret other variables measured by gliders and to study physical-biological inter- action at unexplored scales. This also opens new perspectives for metocean applications and can help for characterization of conditions in support of offshore operations.

Other deployments are planned to start soon, in various area around the globe.


The authors acknowledge the ? nancial sup- port from TOTAL and Naval Group. We are also grateful to Céline Heyndrickx (DT-INSU,

Figure 4. Glider-ADCP data acquired during the mission

CNRS) for providing processed ship-ADCP data conducted in July 2018. Only data acquired during and to Vincent Taillandier (LOV-CNRS), Louis the period when the glider was sampling the cyclonic

Prieur (LOV-CNRS), Fréderic Marin (IRD),

Yann Le Page (Alseamar) and Laurent Beguery structure are plotted.

(Alseamar) for their scienti? c assistance.

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