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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Santoro Blades Unique Group Acquires Water Weights

Alan Milne, MD, Water

Weights; with Graham

Brading, Group Director - Buoyancy & Ballast at



Unique Group

Unique Group.

well as other applications for the unique has a duration of three years plus four

Hydra and the Offshore Upturn test facility. During this contract period Offshore and subsea construction com- yearly options, the subsea services ? rm of one base year and four option years, pany Hydra said it has entered into the said. The work scope includes the sup-

ARA will be instrumental in manag- saturation diving market in anticipa- ply of vessel and services which encom- ing the ? ve-year refurbishment project tion of an offshore oil and gas sector passes survey, IMR and light construc- scheduled for the summer of 2020. Dur- rebound. Trevor Davis, president and tion.

ing this time, the tank will be drained, CEO, said Hydra has converted its seals replaced, surfaces pressure washed ? agship vessel Subsea Responder and

Pipetech Wins Nexen Project and painted, as well as other mainte- acquired a modular 200msw/12-man Pipetech won a project with operator nance tasks. saturation diving system to prepare for Nexen to deliver Active Caisson Man- new projects as the oil and gas industry agement on its Scott platform. Pipetech

CCOM at UNH Partners with experiences an upturn. completed the ? rst stage to remove in-

FarSounder ternal scale build up from a 42 inch

The Coastal and Ocean Mapping produced water caisson on the platform,

Novacavi Supports (CCOM) at the Joint Hydrographic Cen- located 188km from Aberdeen, while it

Metal Monitoring ter at the University of New Hampshire Novacavi’s custom cable solutions have remained in operation. The scope also has added 3D forward-looking sonar been chosen for the new Idronaut VIP includes ongoing inspection and moni- technology expert FarSounder as a part- Deep Blue probe for the monitoring of toring. The Aqua Milling technology ner in its Industrial Associates Program. trace metals in the aquatic ecosystems was deployed 27 meters above sea level

With the addition of FarSounder’s tech- down to 4,000m depth. and recovered back to the 1.5 inch entry nology, students in the CCOM program point, mitigating any chance of block- have the opportunity of hands on expe- ages. In total, the project took eight days

Swire Seabed Wins rience with this unique technology and to complete with a full camera inspec-

Wintershall Deal the potential to apply the data collected Swire Seabed has secured a framework tion conducted during a planned out- to their research. agreement with Wintershall Norge age to further con? rm the results of the

AS for the provision of marine subsea cleaning.

All IOOS Regional Networks services (MSS) in the North Sea. The

NOAA-certi? ed Point Resources Extends agreement will commence this year and

NOAA has certi? ed the last of 11 Inte-

Contract with Aker grated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Point Resources has executed the re- regional associations as Regional In- maining part of the option for the main- formation Coordination Entities. Data tenance and modi? cations contract coming from all IOOS partners now with Aker Solutions. The EPC O&M adheres to common federal collection, contract was ? rst signed in June 2012, storage and management standards, covering the Jotun A, Jotun B, Balder meaning it can be integrated with other and Ringhorne operating facilities in the data, and help make “big data” research North Sea. The contract extension starts and development possible. at year-end and runs until June 2022.

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