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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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ASV Delivered for Riptide Establishes

Post-hurricane Survey Canadian Subsidiary

A new autonomous surface vehicle U.S.-based autonomous undersea ve- (ASV) has been delivered to the U.S. hicle (AUV) manufacturer Riptide Au-

Army Corp of Engineers for rapid tonomous Solutions announced its ? rst post-hurricane hydrographic survey in international expansion with the cre- the Caribbean. Use of the SeaRobotics ation of Riptide Autonomous Solutions

Corporation’s 3.6-meter, collapsible Canada, headquartered in Halifax, Nova

ASV will allow rapid deployment and Scotia. Leonard Baker has been named completion of the hydrographic sur- Riptide Canada’s Director.

veys necessary to reopen infrastructure enabling delivery of life saving goods and services. Sonardyne Aids

The U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Cen- ter Carderock Division’s South Florida

NSWC Testing

Ocean Measurement Facility.

ISE Sells AUV to China

Sonardyne Inc. has been chosen by

Canadian underwater systems and ro- the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center botics manufacturer International Sub- (NSWC), Carderock Division for test- marine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) sold its ing subsea systems and underwater ve- latest ISE Explorer autonomous under- hicles in development for the Navy and water vehicle (AUV) to China Ocean wider maritime industry. Sonardyne’s

Mineral Resource R&D Association Ranger 2 Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) (COMRA). acoustic tracking system, complete with a GyroUSBL transceiver, Nano and

Platform Mooring Connectors

Wideband Sub-Mini 6 Plus (WSM 6+)

Supplied for Wind? oat Atlan- transponders will enable operators to tic Project track the precise underwater position of

First Subsea is supplying platform any subsea system or UUV that comes mooring connectors (PMC) to Windp- through the SFOMF for testing.

lus SA, developer of the 25MW Wind-

Float Atlantic Project ? oating wind Exocetus Delivers First Glider farm under development offshore to Johns Hopkins APL northern Portugal. The project com- Connecticut-based Exocetus Autono- prises three WindFloat 8MW WTG mous Systems delivered its ? rst MOD2 platforms, each with a mooring sys- Glider to Johns Hopkins University Ap- tem made up of three catenary moor- plied Physics Laboratory (APL). The ing lines, connected to drag embedded vehicle, delivered this summer, was anchors. First Subsea will supply nine purchased as part of an internal research

PMCs, each with a 5500 kN MBL, to and development project which intends connect wind turbine generator plat- to explore a diverse set of applications forms to mooring lines at a water depth for the vehicle.

of 85-100m.

Fugro Begins Project at Baltic

Rutter Wave and Current Moni-

Eagle Wind Farm Fugro has commenced a marine site toring System Recerti? ed

After extensive testing, the sigma S6 characterization program at Iberdrola’s

WaMoS II Wave and Surface Current Baltic Eagle Offshore Wind Farm, in

Monitoring System was recerti? ed by German waters of the Baltic Sea. Un-

DNV GL in May of this year. The sys- der a contract worth over 10 million, tem was certi? ed compliant with IEC Fugro will undertake a UXO survey to 60945 Ed. 4 (2002-08) maritime navi- clear the investigation sites, followed by gation and IEC 62288 Ed. 2.0 (2014- a geotechnical seabed investigation and

Fugro Exocetus Sonardyne Riptide 07) radio-communication equipment borehole drilling. The workscope also and systems for Wave Monitoring Sys- includes a program of standard and ad- tems. vanced laboratory testing.

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