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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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he familiar family of VideoRay ROVs are

From when you started with VideoRay, how is found globally in a wide range of indus- the company most the same?

tries and missions, from homeland security VideoRay’s culture is still close knit. Everyone here knows and defense, to inland and offshore infra- they are an important part of ensuring our customers are suc- structure inspection, aquaculture, power cessful with VideoRay equipment. While the company and plant inspection, and more. MTR caught our customer base has grown signi? cantly, the sense of pride up with Gibson recently for his insights on everyone at VideoRay takes regarding our customer’s success

Tmarket and tech drivers. is still the heartbeat of our business.

How did you come to have a career in the How is the company most different?

subsea industry?

As VideoRay has grown, we now work out of a much larger,

VideoRay was one of my interests from 1999 – 2006. During professional facility. The building is about 25,000 sq. ft. and this time, I also ran and managed other businesses not related has dedicated areas for Production, Repairs, Operations, and to the subsea industry. VideoRay provided a sense of excite- Sales. We also have a separate nearby Research & Develop- ment and exploration to which I became addicted. In 2006, I ment facility and remote employees in Rhode Island and San joined VideoRay full-time and we quickly worked to establish Diego.

the company as the industry leader.

Making Hydrographers’ Tasks Easier

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Navsight Marine Solution Qinertia

The Next Generation INS/GNSS

State-of-the-art Motion

Post-processing Software & Navigation Solution

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