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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Chris Gibson, VideoRay oices payload capacity, go much deeper, and support even more

Please provide an overview of the VideoRay sensors and tools. They are still easy to use and are one-man

ROV family today.

VideoRay is well-known for our three-thruster, yellow ROVs. portable. Each ROV system is delivered with our unparalleled,

These ROVs are portable, rugged, and reliable. We have sold global customer service and support. The Defender and Pro 5 more than 4,000 Pro 4, Scout, Explorer and Voyager models. ROV systems have become very popular.

However, over the last several years VideoRay has added the

In what is becoming an increasingly crowded

Defender and Pro 5 product lines based on our modular Mis- ? eld, what is the VideoRay value proposition?

sion Specialist technology. Mission Specialist technology was developed to solve additional customer requirements. Mission While the recreational market is more crowded, the higher

Specialist systems have more powerful thrusters, increased end industrial market for compact inspection-class ROVs is

Photo credit to Dean Nafziger of UROV.

The VideoRay Pro 4, Pro 5, and Defender on an oil rig. March 2019 14


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