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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Preview Ocean Business 2019


Ocean Business 2019

Ocean Business is set to take place from April 9-11, 2019 at the

National Oceanography Center in Southampton, UK. While the schedule is packed with social networking functions, exhibitions, in-water displays & conferences, the new technology on display is the star of the show. Following is a preview of some of the tech set for display at Ocean Business 2019 in Southampton bottom sonars, now including Jetasonic

Chesapeake Technology: Fugro: Next Level of Autonomy and Sonardyne.

SonarWiz 7.4 Booth: H1

Booth: S5 Fugro is boosting its global survey

EvoLogics: Tiny Modems

Chesapeake Technology will be releas- capability with the launch of the next

Booth: E6 ing SonarWiz 7.4 in April, with updates generation in marine autonomous oper- to many of its software modules. Sides- EvoLogics introduces the latest addi- ations at Ocean Business this year. Le- can updates include automatic process- tion to its underwater acoustic modems veraging 10 years of autonomous sur- ing and real-time directory monitoring range: the new generation S2C T mo- vey experience and more than 100,000 to enable unattended work? ows, along dems. The new light and ultra-compact hours of autonomous surface vehicle with two new bottom tracking algo- design represents a size reduction of development, Fugro’s new unmanned rithms designed to work better in noisy almost 20% compared to the S2C M surface vehicle (USV) has been speci? - environments. New ? le compression mini-modems at only 25 cm standard cally designed for safe and ef? cient reduces project size by as much as height and 1200 g weight. Still, the new operations on medium- to large-scale four times, and vastly improves export model packs a fully-? edged S2C en- hydrographic survey projects and will speed of large, high-resolution mosaics, gine with no compromises in acoustic deliver better than IHO Special Order reducing processing time from days to performance. It is a great ? t for small quality data. Long endurance and op- hours. The bathymetry updates sup- AUVs and ROVs where size and weight erational ? exibility are among the key port drag and drop ? le import, new 3D are critical. Perfect as transponders features of the 9-meter USV, which was visualization tools and ability to import for positioning, the S2C T are capable designed in partnership with L3 ASV, many new ? le formats including GSF, of simultaneous tracking and reliable a leader in unmanned and autonomous

Kraken TIL and WASSP. SonarWiz bi-directional data transmissions with vessel technology. 7.4 can directly import and process advanced networking. The S2C T series Coupled with its smart data manage-

QPS sidescan *.db ? les. Additionally, form factor will be available for the ment and a global network of remote

Chesapeake continues to add interfaces high frequency models, catering to operating centers, Fugro will soon be for its real time servers for sidescan, various applications with 4 frequency utilizing a variety of ? t-for-purpose multibeam, magnetometer and sub range/directivity options. USVs.

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