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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Chesapeake Technology: SonarWiz 7.4

GeoSpectrum: C-Bass

EvoLogics: Tiny Modems Fugro: Next Level of Autonomy engineered cable/connector assembly

GeoSpectrum: C-Bass Idronaut CTD: solutions for subsea oil and gas,

Booth: D1 OCEAN SEVEN 333

At Ocean Business GeoSpectrum will renewable energy and defense applica-

Booth: A333 showcase its C-Bass very low fre- tions worldwide. Hydro Group’s stand IDRONAUT will present the OCEAN quency (VLF) sound sources. C-Bass is at Ocean Business will host technology SEVEN 333, a CTD that can be a a family of VLF electrodynamic sound used in a variety of marine applica- stand-alone CTD or a high-perfor- projectors. These powerful projectors tions; all designed and manufactured at mance accessory of the OCEAN are less expensive, lighter, smaller, its facility in Scotland. Stand visitors SEVEN 316Plus. The OCEAN SEVEN more ef? cient, and have a broader will view detailed 3D models of Hydro 333 uses both hardware and analytical bandwidth than their peers. C-Bass Group’s Hull Penetrators, 36kV renew- redundancy to enhance the reliability of makes possible applications that were ables connector and Power Distribu- measurements by using a third CT sen- previously impractical. GeoSpectrum tion Hub, alongside product samples sor pair. Endurance during long term

Technologies specializes in underwater of precision-engineered armoured/ deployments can be further enhanced acoustic transducers and systems for hybrid cables, connector assemblies by the addition of UV led (280nm) to the oil and gas, defense and surveil- and submersible electrical penetrators. each sensor which sterilizes the sample lance, and environmental sectors. Hydro Group, including Singapore- under measurement, thus retarding

GeoSpectrum has expanded their based Hydro Group Asia Pte and Hydro early growth of bio fouling inside manufacturing capabilities to include Group Systems Inc in Florida, has three the quartz cell. The OS333 CTD can end-to-end systems for a variety of decades of experience and business guarantee sampling rates up to 28Hz marine applications. partners across the globe. The com- without degradation of the measure- pany’s subsea technology has been used ment performance. The OS333 CTD in applications including the world’s does not require pumps or any other

Hydro Group: Connecting ? rst carbon-free island in Jeju, South external device to ? ush the 3 x C/T

Innovation Underwater

Korea, and in the defense systems of pair. The OS333 delivers real time data, Booth: F8

Hydro Group, the underwater con- the UK Ministry of Defense. including Salinity, Density and Sound nectivity ? rm, manufactures bespoke- velocity in engineering units through

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