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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Hydro Group: Innomar’s “SES-2000 smart”

Connecting Innovation Underwater

Silicon Sensing the built-in RS232C and data telemetry and more than 11,000 meters. Applica- slowly pro? ling platforms can addition- (10Km) interface. tions include the geophysical imaging ally provide knowledge of carbon dy- of sediments and sub-seabed structures namics. Response time and accuracy in

Innomar’s “SES-2000 smart” for dredging purposes, for route and a submersible package, proof to depths

Booth: L1 offshore site surveys and to map buried of up to 6000m, as well as internal

During Ocean Business 2019 IN- pipelines/cables. battery options for fully autonomous

NOMAR presents its new “SES-2000 operation, allow for a multitude of smart” parametric sub-bottom pro? ler, monitoring options.Pro-Oceanus Systems: CO2- operating on the DotOcean “Calypso” Pro Atmosphere sensor autonomous USV. An overview on this Booth: D1 QPS: Qinsy 9.0 and Qimera 2.0 new product and possible applications Pro-Oceanus Systems provides BOOTH #: U1 will be given on Tuesday (14:00) in instrumentation world-wide with the QPS will introduce Qinsy 9.0 and room 344/44. Live demos are shown most advanced technologies for in situ Qimera 2.0, and offer a preview of on Wednesday (12:00) and Thursday measurement of dissolved gases. The Fledermaus 8.0, to be released later this (13:30) at dockside 2. Another INNO- CO2-Pro Atmosphere sensor provides year. Please visit us to see new product

MAR presentation (Wednesday, 13:30, long-term accurate and stable air and demonstrations. Qinsy 9.0 offers SVP room 064/03) will focus on using a surface water CO2 measurements that folder monitoring for automatic appli- parametric 3D SBP for offshore site are required for the determination of cation, integrated screen capture tools, explorations. INNOMAR is the leading CO2 ? uxes at the ocean surface. Easily and the new Survey Manager—our PM manufacturer for parametric sub-bot- integrated onto most buoy platforms, suite enhanced with several new fea- tom pro? lers with more than 400 sold this sensor provides reliable data that tures, including direct integration with units. The “INNOMAR SES-2000” can be used to understand the interac- Oasis Montaj from Geosoft for stream-

SBPs are perfectly suited for high-reso- tion of atmosphere and ocean with lined geophysical and magnetometer lution sub-seabed visualization in water respect to carbon budgets. The CO2- work? ows. Qimera 2.0 offers the full depths between less than one meter Pro CV sensors on mooring lines and power of the Qinsy geodetic engine,

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