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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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QPS: Qinsy 9.0 and Qimera 2.0

Soundnine Inc. (S9):

New Models of Ulti-Buoy Real Time Temperature Buoy

GeoSpectrum: C-Bass and new bathymetric LiDAR capabili- performance of a ? bre-optic gyro-grade lite telemetry, S9 inductive modem ties (to include color by RGB; data in device with the price, reliability, size technology, and XT/XTP sensors en- image courtesy of 4D Ocean), among and weight of a MEMS unit. ables reliable, low cost, high-accuracy many other enhancements. Fledermaus DMU30 forms a highly capable inertial monitoring in fresh or salt water up 8.0 previews will feature 3D mesh core for many motion sensing applica- 200 meters depth. New hull options technology, integrated video playback, tions key to the maritime sector, from range from 30 to 60 cm diameter, al- and an enhanced presentation mode as ROV navigation to platform stabilisa- lowing a greater range of applications the ultimate way to show off your data. tion, and surveying and mapping. It is and sensor pay-loads. The buoys are

All new software versions will feature a formidable and affordable choice for easily deployed/recovered from a small a new and cutting-edge grid format for the most exacting high-performance boat, fully submersible to 15 meters, even faster updating and visualization, inertial measurement requirements, and and support up to 20 sensors at user- while also facilitating additional grid is already in use in surface and subsur- adjustable depths. XT/XTP sensors functionality. face applications. System integrators can sample up to every ten minutes for using DMU30 will have access to the three years without service. Third party

Silicon Sensing: DMU30 company’s comprehensive evaluation sensors for Conductivity, DO, and other

Booth W47 tools and to the close support of their parameters are also supported. From

The latest DMU30 device, measuring team of inertial system experts. Silicon single or multi-depth water quality less than 69mm x 62mm x 66mm. Sensing’s full range of inertial prod- monitoring applications to relaying data

FOG-Grade performance from an all- ucts, including gyros, accelerometers from bottom mounted instruments via

MEMS inertial measurement unit, on and IMUs. Iridium or Cellular telemetry, Ulti-buoy display at Ocean Business solutions offer superior value.

On stand W47 Silicon Sensing will Soundnine Inc. (S9): demonstrate its latest all-MEMS New Models of Ulti-Buoy SubCtech: Subsea Batteries inertial measurement unit, DMU30. Booth: W-50d Booth: Q2

This delivers the precision inertial The Ulti-buoy with Cellular or Satel- SubCtech GmbH has expanded its

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