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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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SubCtech: Subsea Batteries USS: Accession Class 4.25m USV

Teledyne Marine: SeaRaptor AUV market position for Subsea Batteries. underway SV technologies onboard

Teledyne Marine

The company extended its facilities the Falcon Spirit throughout the event.

Booth: T5 & U12 with a new building, in order to handle Teledyne Marine will be on booths T5 Sign up for boat demos on booth T5.

the growing number globally. This and U12 at Ocean Business, where visi-

USS: Accession Class USV optimizes series production and extends tors will discover the largest breadth of

Booth: M2

SubCtech R&D, and customers bene? t technology in the marine industry. This from a faster delivery time and lower show promises some new surprises, USS will showcase the new Accession costs. with new product launches spanning Class 4.25m USV on the quayside at

As a maker of high-performance, reli- the organization’s navigation, position- Ocean Business and see a model of the able and safe Li-Ion batteries for subsea ing, tracking, AUV, ROV, ADCP, sonar USV on Swathe Services stand M2. A

Oil+Gas, AUV or ROV, SubCtech and camera technologies. Be sure to new Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) presents the latest subsea UPS product stop by booth U12 to see the impressive with the potential to change the way line at OB’19. The offshore quali? ed full-scale model of the SeaRaptor AUV, offshore hydrographic surveys are con- and proven technology (API17F) is fully equipped with a suite of Teledyne ducted will launch at Ocean Business in available for a variety of backup and Marine sensor and system technologies. April 2019. Unmanned Survey Solu- buffer applications, e.g. subsea actuator, Learning opportunities will abound, tions (USS) has designed and built the

All-Electric or control units. Voltages as Teledyne Marine delivers over 20 next-generation Accession Class USV up to 600V and power up to 30kW can classroom training sessions, as well as for use in nearshore and offshore indus- be realized. dockside and test tank demonstrations tries. The design of the Accession Class

The UPS systems are highly customiz- highlighting our vehicle, sonar and USV allows the vessel to increase its able in order to provide optimal solu- acoustic technologies. For those look- base design length of 3.5m to a maxi- tions for challenging applications, with ing to get out on the water, Teledyne mum of 5.0m for additional payload highest design and production stan- will also be conducting demonstra- equipment and/or power for extended dards. GoSubsea3000 is SubCtech’s tions of their multibeam, hydrographic endurance depending on operational vision and brand. software, positioning, LIDAR, and requirements. Built by surveyors for surveyors, the vessel offers stable sea

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