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SubC Imaging Remote Ocean Systems SIDUS Solutions, LLC

ROS is an ISO-9001-2008 certi? ed company with a 28,000 sq. ft. research and manufacturing facility dedicated to producing products. Its product line includes underwater video cameras, lights, rugged pan and tilt positioning systems, video inspection systems and control systems manufactured primar- ily for the oceanographic, nuclear and defense industries. ROS manufacturing

Photo: Greg Trauthwein

Photo: SIDUS Solutions is a cell-based operation, incorporating

SubC Imaging’s Chad Collett at one-piece ? ow and a 5S lean manu- SIDUS Solutions, founded in 2000,

Ocean Business in Southampton. facturing environment. ROS’ custom produces a complete line of hazardous product development partnerships with area and subsea video systems. In addi-

SubC Imaging, located in Newfound- leading ROV manufacturers foster new tion to product development, manufac- land and Labrador, Canada creates un- product designs in deep water camera turing and sales, SIDUS offers end-end derwater imaging systems including technology, new LED lighting ideas and engineering, system integration and cameras, lights, lasers, DVRO solutions revolutionary sonar positioners that are project planning. SIDUS staff have trav- for easy media management, and even lightweight and accurate. Whether it’s eled the globe to provide commission- custom solutions for client speci? c ap- the latest LED lighting design or an ultra ing and technical support. A point of plications. Founded in 2010, SubC has low-light camera for deep water inspec- focus for SIDUS is Situational Aware- developed an international clientele in tions, ROS offers a choice of technology ness, as worldwide, ongoing pressure is the offshore energy, ocean sciences, and and products. being placed on the safe extraction and aerospace and defense sectors. Over operation in energy exploration. With its the past eight years, SubC has been an products, services and target businesses, integral part in several high-pro? le in- SIDUS has readily embraced ‘situation- ternational projects including the search al awareness’ in support of global safety for Amelia Earhart’s plane and a survey and security initiatives. Having the right of Australia’s World War II light cruiser, hardware is a good start, but only when the HMAS Sydney. The latest addition the hardware can be put to work in the is the strategic af? liation with Ocean- most ef? cient way, will the video sys-

Gate. As part of their 2019 Titanic ex- tem truly show its value allowing safety pedition, SubC’s Ray? n 4K camera, and security to be guaranteed. Tailoring 1Cam Mk6 camera, Aquorea LED Mk2, systems to each individual applicant’s and DVRO software will be used to demands enables SIDUS’ customers to gather the ? rst 4K images and video of apply SA in everyday business.

the iconic wreck. Each one of SubC’s products are designed for harsh environ- ments and ease of integration on ROVs, Cathx Ocean, Ltd.

AUVs, ocean observatories, and drop- Cathx Ocean have manufactured camera systems. Target applications what it claims is the world’s ? rst fully include ocean research and exploration, integrated subsea imaging system. The environmental monitoring, port security, company’s multidisciplinary engineer-

Photo: ROS and seabed mapping and surveys. Test- ing team have developed advanced un- ing capabilities: - 3D prototyping - 10m derwater automation and robotic vision x 1m in-house test tank - Image calibra- technologies for offshore and indus- tion - Nearby port facilities for ? eld test- trial operations which are used globally ing. across many applications. Founded in 2009, Cathx Ocean have grown to be-

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