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come one of the principal innovators in the subsea imaging and measure- ment industry. It is headquartered is in


Kildare, Ireland with of? ces in the U.S., BIRNS started out in the subsea the U.K., China and Australia. industry creating underwater cam-

Currently the company is building era housings, and then soon moved systems to operate at 10,000m depth. Its on to developing lighting solutions advanced laser and optical based imag- for the U.S. Navy. Over the years ing systems were developed in-house BIRNS lighting systems were used and are now used worldwide in offshore in high pro? le excavation and ar- energy, renewables, environmental cheological projects, from the Ti- monitoring, mapping, archaeology and tanic to what was at the time the for collecting evidence on salvage and oldest shipwreck ever found, a defense operations. 3,500 year old discovery in Turkey.

The company’s range includes the New LED lamp options are avail-

Hunter system (AUV Imaging and La- able for a range of BIRNS high per- ser), the Scout system (Observation formance marine lighting systems.

Class ROV Imaging and Laser Pro? l- The company has introduced new ing), the Path? nder system (Work Class lamps for an array of lights for ap-

ROV Imaging and Laser Pro? ling) and plications from helmet and vehicle the Prowler I & II systems (Towed Ve- use to PVHO, including the popu-

Photo: Deepsea Power & Light hicle Imaging Range and Scale Mea- lar BIRNS Doubly-Safe Chamber surement) Light-LED. The new 450 lumen

Deepsea Power &

To enable faster and more ef? cient op- lamps for this rugged chamber light

Light Vertex SeaCam tical surveys, Cathx Ocean have devel- have 35,000 hour lamp lives and

The new DeepSea Power & Light Ver- oped an end-to-end technology architec- come in a wide selection of voltage tex SeaCam features full HD resolution ture for acquiring and processing subsea ranges, all with a mere 6.5W power with 10x optical zoom capabilities for images and laser data. draw. a wide range of tasks. These cameras

Traditional vehicles run at speeds of feature proprietary corrector optics for

The system provides BIRNS’ 0.5 knots with ranges of up to 3 meters. the highest imaging performance, and proprietary Doubly-Safe dual he-

By enabling speeds of up to 8 knots and multiple output options for easy system lium release method, which makes ranges of up to 10 meters, these imag- the entire front of the light its own integration.

ing systems substantially reduce vessel helium release valve. It consists of

The Vertex SeaCam has low-distortion time. a back-up spring in the front lens 80° HFOV at full-wide and 0.5 lux face- mount, along with its additional plate illumination for impressive imag- stainless steel release mechanism, ing in low-light environments.

to safely and quickly remove any

User control is simple with RS-232 gas that might otherwise get trapped and RS-485 control interfaces through during compression. The BIRNS

VISCA or SeaSense™ Protocol. Tristate

Double-Safe Chamber Light-LED control is also available for zoom, fo- is tailored for pressurized helium/ cus, and auto focus features. Full ocean oxygen use in submarines, diving depth rating options are available.

bells and decompression chambers, and has a low pro? le of 76mm, and is easily mounted on ceilings and walls.

Photo: Cathx Ocean

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