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Products LARS

MacArtney A/S

The MacArtney Group is a global sup- instruments to large work class ROV system design features an industry plier of underwater technology systems, systems. MERMAC A LARS solutions unique extra skid joint which allows the products and integrated solutions. can be designed as portable or ? xed sys- frame to fold at an extreme angle to en-

The MacArtney portfolio of supplies tems and form part of compact and fully ter transportation or deck access mode. is broad and include SubConn, Opto- integrated winch and handling solutions The MERMAC A50 system can be

Link, TrustLink and GreenLink connec- on board almost any type of vessel. delivered with a fully integrated dock- tivity, cable and termination solutions, Standard MacArtney MERMAC A- ing head with latching mechanism and advanced NEXUS and EMO ? ber optic frame models range from the MER- rotating function. Beyond the A10 and telemetry systems, electric CORMAC MAC A10 compact and portable A- the A50, the MacArtney MERMAC A and MERMAC winches, handling and frame handling system to the powerful range also spans everything from basic

LARS systems including active heave and uniquely foldable MERMAC A50. over-the-side handling systems, includ- compensation (AHC) winches for The MERMAC A10 has been designed ing J-frames and davits, to much more

ROVs. The MacArtney range of fast and to incorporate MacArtney CORMAC advanced systems such as articulat- precise remotely operated towed ve- Q winches for ef? cient handling of in- ing A-frames, 45° launch position A- hicles (ROTV) includes the MacArtney spection ROVs, side scan sonar, survey frames, horizontal launch position A-

FOCUS 2, FOCUS 3 and TRIAXUS equipment, oceanographic instrumen- frames, low dip A-frames and container vehicles. MacArtney also designs and tation and a wide range of other types integrated A-frame solutions.

manufactures CEMAC offshore cable of marine equipment. MERMAC A10 Applications include work class ROV handling equipment intended for pipe- systems are easy to control and provide systems, inspection class ROV sys- line and cable-laying deployment. the outreach needed for safe launch and tems, towed vehicles and instrumenta-

The MacArtney range of dynamic recovery. The systems can be supplied tion platforms, side scan sonar systems,

MERMAC A launch and recovery sys- with or without a hydralic power unit oceanographic systems, sensors and tem (LARS) solutions include A-frames, (HPU). equipment, seabed drilling and sampling davits and other solutions for providing At the other end of the range, the systems, light handling and support for reliable and fully controllable deploy- MERMAC A50 is a 120 kN A-frame subsea completion, general marine in- ment and recovery of a wide range of primarily designed for handling TMS strumentation and piston corer handling.

equipment - from small oceanographic based work class ROV systems. The

Damen Winch Range

Damen Marine Components (DMC) designs and manufactures marine winches for a wide range of applications, but until now they have been available only on Da- men-built or maintained vessels.

That changes as DMC is making its winches available to third-party shipyards and equipment suppliers.

Damen Marine Components has been producing winches on a commercial scale since 2010, and

Damen Winch Technology was formed in 2015, bringing on board additional engineers and creating a dedicated unit with R&D, design & engineering, production and after- sales support. Today, DMC offers a full range of escort, towing, anchor and tugger winches, and capstans.

A MacArtney A/S custom winch system.

Photo: MacArtney

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