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The ToT for the construction of the con- ventional submarines or S-BRs has been taking place since 2010 in the city of

Cherbourg, France, where more than 250 engineers and technicians from the BN,

NUCLEP (Nuclebrás Heavy Equipment) and Itaguaí Construções Navais (Navy shipyard) have already been quali? ed.

The technology transfer process contin- ues in Brazil, with the technical consult- ing activities during the project detailing the modi? ed parts of the conventional submarine.

“PROSUB has as one of its main goals the ToT, through personnel training and the search for a high index of nationaliza- tion. This generates bene? ts for Brazil, of a technological and industrial nature, including not only the naval market, but

Image Gaúcha Zero Hora also other segments that supply goods

Control room and services in the country,” said Fleet of the S 40,

Admiral Ferreira. The program has a total

Brazil’s most cost forecast at R$35.5 billion (US$9,36 modern billion) by 2029 when the nuclear subma- submarine. rine should be ready. So far, the Brazilian

Navy has spent half of this budget.

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