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for use in hydrographic applications.

Navsight comes as a motion reference

Left: The STIM202 is a shock-capa- unit (MRU), providing roll, pitch, and ble, tactical-grade, ultra-high-per- heave, or as a full navigation solution formance MEMS gyro module de- with embedded tri-frequency receiver, signed for operation in high-shock or using an external GNSS receiver. The environments.

Navsight product range includes Nav- sight Ekinox Marine, a lightweight and

Below: SATEL’s radio networking easy-to-set system for portable sonar technology based solutions are de- systems, highly suited for shallow-water signed to enable secure, mission- applications and is available as an MRU, critical connections in a range of as an INS with embedded GNSS, and as maritime applications. an INS using the customer’s own GNSS

Image: Sensonor receiver. The IMU enclosure could be used as a surface version (IP68) or a wa- terproof one to a depth of 100 meters.

Navsight Apogee Marine is a highly versatile Navsight grade that delivers the best performance under GNSS outages, making it highly suitable for challeng- ing shallow to deepwater applications.

It consists of an Apogee grade Inertial

Measurement Unit and is connected to

Navsight, a rugged processing unit em- bedding the fusion intelligence and the optional GNSS receiver. Con? guration is designed to be easy through an intui- tive web interface and the 3D view helps the user check mechanical installation, sensor position, alignments, and lever arms. Navsight Marine Horizon Grade uses an FOG-based IMU and enables the Navsight system to be used in the most demanding environments such as highly dense areas, low dynamic sur- veys, and applications where only a sin- gle antenna can be used. Horizon IMU is based on a closed-loop FOG technol- ogy that enables ultra-low bias and noise levels while allowing robust and consis- tent performance in harsh conditions.

Particular applications include use in

USVs, ship motion monitoring and hy- drography.

Gyro and IMU systems

In 2009, Sensonor was split from In- ? neon in an MBO supported by local investors to focus on MEMS-based sen- sors, aiming at applications and markets requiring high-precision sensors with a special focus on inertial systems (gyro

Image: SATEL

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