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Tech Comms, Telemetry, Data Processing and IMU). Since 2012, the Norway- tion, including choice of output unit, and custom engineering. Two of the based company has been under the sampling frequency, ? lter settings and company’s most recent innovations ownership of a Switzerland-based in- RS422 bit-rate and protocol parameters. are BlueComm (featured on the cover vestment group. Sensonor designs and Electronic axis alignment is a stan- and in a feature starting on page 26) a manufactures high-accuracy gyro and dard feature and for advanced users, through-water wireless optical commu-

IMU solutions that are used in a range the service mode provides access to set nication system developed to transmit of industrial applications that often re- the con? guration parameters intermedi- subsea data, stream video and perform quire cost-effective and small gyro and ately or permanently. Features such as tetherless vehivle control at very high

IMU solutions while maintaining very electronic ID and advanced diagnostics speeds; and SMART Subsea Monitor- high performance and accuracy require- with temperature measurements are also ing Analysis and Reporting Technol- ments. Typical marine and related ap- available. Sensonor designs and manu- ogy, developed to cover a range of ad- plications include camera and mapping factures high-accuracy gyro and IMU vanced subsea monitoring applications. systems, ROV guidance and UUV/UAV solutions that are used across a range of BlueComm uses the electromagnetic guidance and control. maritime applications including multi- spectrum rather than acoustic pressure

The STIM series gyro modules from beam sonar systems, subsea surveying waves to transmit high volumes of data

Sensonor consist of 1,2 or 3 ultra-high- systems, navigation, helideck monitor- and typically operates in the 450 nm accuracy Butter? yGyro in a miniature ing, heave compensation, underwater blue light region of the spectrum. It can package representing what the com- navigation for scuba divers, and drilling achieve data rates of greater than 500 pany says is a superior choice to FOGs systems. Mbps through highly ef? cient optical regarding robustness, reliability, size/ data transmission, enabling 1 Gb of data weight ratio, power consumption and to be transmitted over distances of more Underwater navigation cost. High-connect power and the STIM Sonardyne was founded in 1971 with than 150 meters.

gyro module provide accurate measure- the vision of improving the safety and SMART brings together low-power ments over an RS422 interface and an ef? ciency of underwater navigation for electronics, long-duration data logging, integrated 32-bit microcontroller that divers through innovations in acous- subsea data processing, and acoustic te- provides ? exibility in the con? gura- tic signal processing, hardware design lemetry into a single instrument and has

LEFT: AML Oceanographic’s Moving Vessel Pro? ler is an automated, real-time solution for capturing data in underway pro? ling systems. RIGHT: KVH’s 1-meter, Ku/C-band TracPhone V11-HTS provides global connectivity at data speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps down/up, supporting critical maritime operations and business applications.

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Image: AML Oceanographic

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