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the ? exibility to interface with a wide lect all desired parameter data required ration, enabling users to experience range of internal and external sensors for hydrographic and ocean science si- both a high-speed data channel and an and other data sources utilizing standard multaneously; and the MVP300, which unlimited-use data channel from a sin- or bespoke algorithms to provide key can collect multi-parameter data over gle maritime VSAT antenna. With data data. the full water column at great depths. speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps down/up, the high-speed channel is suitable for

Moving vessels: underway KVH: Fast, Global Connectivity videoconferencing, video chat, tele- pro? ling systems To support maritime operations, In- medicine, web browsing, and allocated

AML Oceanographic is a provider ternet of Things (IoT) applications and crew usage. With data speeds as fast as of marine survey instrumentation, has crew connectivity, KVH introduced the 8/2 Mbps down/up, the unlimited-use developed its Moving Vessel Pro? ler TracPhone V11-HTS, a1 meter Ku/C- channel is suitable for IoT data transfer, (MVP) for use in underway pro? ling band maritime VSAT antenna designed email, software updates, automated ? le systems. This automated, real-time so- to deliver global data speeds as fast as transmission, weather updates, and un- lution has been used in thousands of 20/3 Mbpsdown/up. The system’s Ku/C- allocated crew usage.

successful surveys. Designed to remove band design enables automatic switch- both the technical and ? nancial unpre- ing to deliver expanded global coverage,

For further information visit dictability associated with survey opera- including Northern and Southern lati- the following websites: tions, the MVP is suitable for use in any tudes. In addition, the antenna system situation including its use with small features the Integrated CommBox Mo- vessels and large ships, and in coastal dem (ICM), a streamlined belowdecks projects, hydrographic surveys, offshore unit including high-throughput modem, projects and in ocean science projects. Voice over IP (VoIP) adapter, Com-

The MVP comes in three versions, the mBox network management software,

MVP30/30-350 for ef? ciently survey- and built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet. ing of coastal waters on a typical 25-foot Another feature of the TracPhone launch; the MVP200, designed to col- V11-HTS is its two-channel con? gu-

Sonardyne’s SMART subsea technology brings together low-power electronics, long-duration data logging, subsea data processing and acoustic telemetry into a single, high-felxibility instrument.

Image: Sonardyne

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