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Products Beacons, Flashers, Trackers

Beacons, Flashers & Trackers:

Products to Promote Safety at Sea

By Tom Mulligan

L3 Technologies, together with So- tracking and communications with up to The Oculus M750d is a general-pur- nardyne, will offer 6G-enabled capabil- 10 AUVs at the same time. pose dual-frequency sonar offering up to ity across its commercial autonomous 120 meter range capability at 750kHz, vessel product range. L3’s C-Stat 2 and and 40 meter at 1.2MHz, with 130° and Underwater imaging sonars

C-Cat 3 autonomous vessels will be of- The Oculus M series multibeam so- 70° horizontal ? elds of view respective- fered factory-? tted with Sonardyne’s 6G nars from UK-based Blueprint Subsea ly. With a weight in water of less than range of Ranger 2 Ultra-Short BaseLine are a new generation of imaging sonar, 400g, power consumption starting from (USBL) tracking and communications designed for use across a wide variety of 15 Watts (up to 35W) and options for systems. These platforms and sensor underwater applications. 100-BaseT or 2-wire DSL high-speed combinations are designed to deliver op- Their small form factor, weighing less communications, the M750d is ideal timized solutions for data gathering and than 400g in water, and dual-frequency for mounting on small platforms, work- subsea positioning tasks during inshore capabilities make them ideally suited class ROV’s or sub-sea infrastructure to and offshore operational scenarios. for deployment on micro sized plat- provide navigation and high resolution

The C-Stat 2, equipped with Sonar- forms, while their rugged construction imagery for near ? eld target identi? ca- dyne’s Ranger 2 Gyro USBL model, is also makes them an excellent choice for tion.

designed for operators needing to posi- larger work-class vehicles and subsea tion underwater assets with high levels infrastructure. Flash pinger acoustic of precision. The platform will enable With a 200m range capability, the transmitter a range of tasks, such as touchdown single-frequency Oculus M370s is a Falmouth Scienti? c’s ELPF-553 Flash monitoring, seismic cable lay opera- cost effective alternative to traditional Pinger For Asset Location and Recovery tions, Compatt 6 Long BaseLine (LBL) mechanically scanned sonars, typically Applications, is a small battery-powered array box-in and remote LBL baseline being used for long range navigation acoustic transmitter as well as an optical calibration, vehicle tracking and subsea and situational awareness, while the ? ashing recovery device. Multiple set- sensor data collecting. Oculus M1200d, which operates at both tings allow for selection of ? ashing, tim-

The C-Cat 3, equipped with Mini- 1.2MHz and 2.1MHz (with a 130° and ing, and frequency options for use in a

Ranger 2, will be able to operate as a 60° ? eld of view respectivley) is suited variety of different applications. The de- gateway for Autonomous Underwater for specialized inspection tasks where sign uses an ultra-low power electronics

Vehicle (AUV) operations, enabling image quality is critical. and water turn-on sense circuitry which

The Apollo self- contained mooring beacon from Xeos

Technologies Inc is an independently pow- ered, self-contained mooring beacon that is fully submersible and is rated to 11,000m (36,089 ft) below sea level.

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