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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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? oor color for the ? nal habitat classi? cation. Recent advances MAP. “As an example, to monitor coral bleaching over the in machine learning and semi-automated classi? cation then entire Reef—a serious concern given recent events—you ? rst enable the researchers to ef? ciently and accurately process need to know if you are looking at bleached coral habitat or and classify all the reefs of the GBR. at bright, re? ective sediment. The 3D live habitat map gives “The importance of the outcomes from this project cannot you this baseline environmental information, correctly geo- be overestimated,” adds Dr. Thomas Heege, CEO of EO- positioned, to within 10 meters.”

EOMAP showcased its contribution to the world-? rst 3D habitat map of the Great Bar- rier Reef (GBR) at the

International Forum on

Satellite-Derived Ba- thymetry, SDB Day 2019 in Australia.

Image Courtesy EOMAP

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