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for an ROV. The company is also paying close attention to developments in electric tooling. “It’s an important change and trans- formation, the ROV business is going through,” de Jong says. But it’s not with- out its challenges. “The big challenge with ROVs is that they need so much at- tention day to day. Field resident or USV

Fugro’s new eROVs (Fugro Blue Volta) will be deployed from its based ROVs need to be left alone,” says de 12m-long “Fugro Blue Essence” vessels being built by SEA-KIT.

Jong. “We’re aiming at 30 days continu- ous ROV operations from the Fugro Blue

Image from Fugro

Essence, remotely controlled from one of our ROCs. Compared to the current situ- ation that’s unimaginable. Changing from running role in developing the legal and operational frame- an 80 m ROV support vessel with 60-70 people on board mov- work, maritime regulations, etc. They are working together ing to a situation where they are onshore.” with regulatory bodies and ? ag states to jointly work on a guideline for uncrewed offshore operations, he adds.

It’s also going to be a human resources challenge. “It’s a

Bandwidth, regulatory and HR challenges

The transition to remote and autonomous operations also super exciting environment and it’s extremely interesting to brings connectivity challenges, he adds, Fugro’s ROCs are be involved in these developments and at the forefront of this equipped to facilitate the required bandwidth, uptime and reli- massive transformation,” says de Jong. It’s a transformation ability of the satellite connection, which is key to safe opera- that is going to change the way people work, change the type tions and effective data delivery To enable smooth operations of assets used and the legislative environment we operate in. upon delivery of the ? rst systems, Fugro has taken up a front “We won’t have client representatives onboard because we 43

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