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Subsea Residency won’t have anyone onboard,” says de Jong. “We have a re-

Touch screen controls allow pilots to press one button mote client solution where clients from any location around to select a new tool and let the ROV do the rest. the world, enter chat rooms, look at real time data acquisition

Image from TechnipFMC and back deck CCTV that ties into the ROCs.”

Power to the resident subsea robot

Meanwhile, others have been focusing on subsea power for underwater vehicles. Independent North Sea operator Chrys- aor, for example, is working with wave energy ? rm Mocean

Energy, subsea energy storage company EC-OG and AUV specialist Modus in a project to look at using renewable energy

Eelume and Kongsberg Maritime have also formed to supply subsea power for resident AUVs or subsea tiebacks. a collaborative partnership with Triumph Subsea

The project, supported by the Oil and Gas Technology Cen-

Services to support its and its underwater garage tre, will look to use Mocean Energy’s Blue Star wave energy development. The partnership is focusing on converter and EC-OG’s HALO subsea energy storage system.

New Jersey based Ocean Power Technologies have launched 500m and then 1500m and 4000m systems, a lithium-iron phosphate based Subsea battery system with including a docking system that will allow Eelume a nominal storage capacity of 132 kilowatt-hours. It utilizes to be deployed with ROVs and subsea packages

OPT’s battery management system, can be scaled up, for to create an integrated autonomous subsea higher power demand, and can be integrated with the ? rm’s inspection and light intervention robotic system

PowerBuoy wave energy convertor for recharging or used for easy launch from a vessel. Triumph will also ? t standalone.

What’s clear is that all roads point towards increasing remote two Eelume vehicles with residency garages onto capability, which requires a level of automation, and ultimate- all its construction vessels, including wind turbine ly towards autonomy. But opinions over the shape and form installation vessels.

these systems take is, depending on their use, differ.

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