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search and development enterprise, ers with the problem holders, and we erators using the systems in actual situa- industry, academia and other experts can quickly determine if the system or tions continuously. It’s a tough proving to provide operator feedback and help the AI can help us solve our problems. ground for any kit. drive the innovation process forward. We’re based forward and in a challeng- “We’re not tinkering,” Brasseur said.

CTF 59 works with the Of? ce of Naval ing, hot, dusty, and salty environment,” “We’re trying to build enhanced mari-

Research and the science and technol- Brasseur said. “We have real world op- time domain awareness.” ogy (S&T) enterprise, but Brasseur said his focus is in the here and now. “We’re tracking what they’re doing,” Brasseur said. “But, we’re in a different space.

We’re working with high TRL (technol- ogy readiness level) systems.” “We’re very much focused on the com- mercial dual-use side of unmanned and

AI,” said Ens. Schuyler Moore, CTF 59’s director of strategic plans. “We un- derstand that there are very important research projects that have longer term delivery paths that are currently ongoing in the Navy and DOD. But what we’re looking at is solutions that are available right now, that have already been ma- tured in the commercial space.”


Cooper said the concept of CTF 59 was a two-page white paper a year ago. “Now we’re ? elding USVs from the

Red Sea to the Arabian Gulf. We ex- pect to continue expanding these efforts, with our partners leading the way. They understand there is tremendous opportu- nity in putting more eyes out on the wa- ter through unmanned systems and arti- ? cial intelligence. They can put however many platforms they want out there, and with AI, they process and identify things they need to pay attention to. Our role is to provide an operational construct and scheme of maneuver. It’s up to them which platforms they choose.”

Brasseur said CTF 59 is working on the platforms, sensors, and the network to connect them. “The ? nal piece is the arti? cial intelligence that will help us sift through all of that sensor data and help us to see what’s outside of the nor- mal pattern of life. That will also help us to deploy our manned assets more precisely.” “This is where the magic happens be- cause we are the problem holders. We’re bringing together the solution provid- 15

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