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Training & Maritime Security

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constitute 176 hours of the total 526 hours of training, or 33% of the total instruction given to new CBP trainees. It also seems clear that the former concepts of trade, containers, tariffs, and duties are no long important enough for a trainee?s professional preparation. Even CBP?s new mission of anti-terrorism accounts for only 10 hours, or about .019%, about two percent of the total hours of training they receive. And how is it possible that 4 hours of merchandise classi Þ cation are sufÞ cient? It is clear that the current focus on immigration-related issues as opposed to trade issues is a distortion of proper Customs of Þ cers? basic training including their new role of securing the United States against terrorism.Unanswered QuestionsHow can DHS acknowledge the fact that90% of all cargo moving into and out of the United States is by vessel and the containers they carry, and subsequently provide only 2 hours of instruction on sea containers out of a 526 hour program? Yet FLTC training for CBP does just that. How can a cadre of immigrations-handlers do the work of trade specialists who provide for our security in a unique and truly distinct manner by collecting appropriate taxes on imported products, inhibiting the export of prohibited products, and at the same time providing a deterrent to the tremendous security vulnerabilities vessel, truck, and rail traf Þ c pose at our seaports and land ports-of-entry. The historical role of Customs has disappeared within DHS along with the security inherent in historic Customs duties of supply chain and port security functions it used to provide to this nation.And, that?s a very big problem. Truston is the original manufacturer and exclusive supplier of U.S. Navy Port Security Barrier ( PSB) Technology ?9455.3,4<*7L%%G%h4+(422*7(.&1&3)57.;&9*;*88*18N*=(1 :8.;* 1.(*38*4+574;*3GG &;>'&77.*79*(-3414,> ?49&1:&1.9>439741L3J-4:8*)*8.,3N+&'7.(&9.43N.389&11& 9.43N&3) 2&.39*3&3(*<.9-7:89435*78433*1 ?.78994 &70*9L7:89435*78433*1+&'7.(&9*)&3).389&11*)9 -*+.789 >89*2+479-*GG &;>.3 ?471)<.)*=*(:9.43L;*72.1*8+&'7.(&9*)&3) .389&11*),14'&11> ? 447.3,=5*798L7:8943.89-*1*&).3,574;.)*74+ -*&;><*&9-*78:7;.;&12447.3,8*7;.(*894GG &;> TRUSTON Port Security Barriers I Maritime Professional I 13

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