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?We know the value of the academy within the Coast Guard, and what we deliver to DHS and the nation and the maritime industry. We need to further ce- ment our public-private relation- ships, especially with memoran-dums of understandings and that sort of thing. These efforts add value to our product. Education ? and Training Prior to arriving at the Academy, RADMStosz also served as Commander of the Coast Guard?s only recruit train- ing center in Cape May, NJ. When asked about the key difference(s) in teaching ofÞ cer candidates and enlisted recruits and what that assignment that would someday help academy graduates be better supervisors ? and perhaps more importantly ? leaders to the personnel that they will someday command, what she had to say was telling. ?The thing you have to understand is that many of the folks who come through Cape May have bachelor?s de- grees and even master?s degrees. Many of them aspire to go to ofÞ cer candidate school, as well. But, the key difference between the two is that enlisted training is an eight week program as opposed to a 200-week college experience. One is an institution of higher learning with a strong professional development and training component and the other; an eight-week program where folks are sometimes in a state of shock for the entire time. It is a high intensity envi- ronment.? I Maritime Professional I 17

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