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?from a narrower focus than that which we see today. That con- text is important. We were a STEM focused school then and we?re a STEM focused school now (Science, Technology, En- gineering and Math). We remain as a school which provides a leader of character with a STEM education. And, we strive to produce 70-75 percent STEM majors. That?s important. Our nation is in dire need of that type of professional. We focus on developing a graduate who can fundamentally go out to the workplace and start to perform.? RADM Stosz beneÞ ts from the leadership and efforts of her predecessor, RADM J. Scott Burhoe. Under his guidance, the school ranked as a top college by the New England Associa- tion of Schools and Colleges and was listed as the number one college in the northeast by U.S. News and World Report. The school had Þ ve Fulbright and three Truman scholars during his tenure. Stosz therefore has big shoes to Þ ll. No one doubts that she is up to the task. Stosz believes that anybody in America can see themselves in a Coast Guard uniform. ?Our mission set is diverse. You can save people, you can clean up spills, you can protect people, and on and on,? Getting people ready to do just that has al- ways been a big part of her career, and she isn?t done yet. She adds, ?We need to enhance and work relationships and provide value to industry through our graduates. It?s about building trust between the government and the private sector.? That?s just the kind of message that the domestic waterfront wants to hear. So far, so good. ? MarPro We also have a ship rider program. Our program is based upon the one for junior of? cers from the inspection divisions and sectors and were bringing that right back to the cadets. The AWO MOU allows our students to get out there on brown water boats and start the process of acquiring necessary credentials to become a certi? ed USCG inspector.

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