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MSRC: Hat Trick Like no one else in the business, the Quebec-based Mari- timeSimulation and Resource Center neatly packages tech- nology, in-house expertise and a wide range of state-of-the-art simulation equipment. As technology continues to impact the waterfront in many ways, maritime regulators have responded with a myriad of new training and certi Þ cation requirements designed to bridge competency gaps. At the same time, the maritime training sec- tor ? private, public, for-pro Þ t and not-for-pro Þ t ? have all (arguably) done a pretty good job in keeping up. Realistic and meaningful simulation training for all aspects of seafarer?s duties are in place; here and abroad. All of these training fa- cilities have their particular strengths. That said; the in-house depth of knowledge represented by 75 active and working pi- lots, augmented by still more who have retired after decades of experience, may well leave the Maritime Simulation and Resource Center (MSRC) located in Quebec, Canada at the head of the class. Where some facilities have one or more of the key components necessary for a great training protocol, MSRC has all three: technology, in-house expertise, and a plethora of state-of-the-art equipment. Paul Racicot, Director of MSRC, in February described his facility as ? which involves a different type of training: done by pilots, for pilots.? He adds, for emphasis, ?Our own pilots are our toughest and most demanding customers.? With as many as 75 working St. Lawrence Seaway pilots as his principals, his words take on special meaning.AMONG THE NEWEST ? AND THE MOST EXPERIENCEDFirst established in 2005 for the speci Þ c purpose of having a trainingfacility for the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pi- lots (CLSLP) apprentices and its existing pilots, MSRC counts itself among the newest of the many simulation facilities now dotting North America. Backed by and initially started by a $3 million investment from its own (75) pilot members, and now boasting some of the world?s most modern and up-to-date equipment, the facility is anything but short of experience. It exists today to serve not only those pilots, but anyone seek- ing skill improvement techniques, the design of appropriate MSRC Facility in Quebec, Canada36 I Maritime Professional I1Q 2012

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