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MSRC Class A Full Mission SimulatorMSRC: Hat Trick cannot. Needless to say, this capability leads to a much higher customer satisfaction level.? Brooks went on to describe other advantages of working with the facility, including MSRC?s ability to create, in house, accurate area models which allows them to respond quickly to a customer?s requirements. Brooks adds, ?All in all, this is one of the Þ nest simulation facilities in the world today.? TRAINING FOR PILOTS: BY PILOTS Where others talk about the expertise brought in from real lifeexperiences of their students, and on occasion, the instruc- tors themselves, MSRC counts on this sort of input every day. According to Captain Brian Stanley, SENL Pilot from the Atlantic Pilot Authority, MSRC training entails well written course material, very competent instructors and a Þ rst rate sim- ulator. ?Having completed the AZIPOD simulation training, the Error Detection and Use of Advanced Radar Techniques in Restricted Waters course and just recently the ECDIS train- ing at the MRSC, I can honestly say that this training facility is second to none in this Þ eld,? he said recently, continuing, ?The instruction is tailored for the professional mariner and in many cases deals directly with circumstances and situations that pilots and masters Þ nd themselves faced with on a daily basis. Thus the training is very relevant and up to date in our ever changing environment which is itself an achievement.? The Maritime Simulation and Resource Center describes itself as an asset of the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots, a leader in training and development, offering unique expertise in navigation safety in North America. It is dif Þ cult to argue with any of that, especially the last part. Created, de- signed, owned and operated by working marine pilots who op- erate in one of the longest and most demanding service areas on the planet, MSRC fulÞ lls the training research needs of its internal client base every day. Professional mariners and port ofÞ cials, from all over North America and beyond, are slowly catching on to that metric. And, that?s because MSRC is more than just a state-of-the-art simulation training facility. It?s also a world class center of expertise. According to the clients (and owners) ? which include 75 of the most experienced pilots anywhere ? the last part makes all the difference. | Maritime Professional | 39

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