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EECDIS7HFKQRORJ\ $GPLUDOW\·V7KUHH3URQJHG6ROXWLRQIRU(&',6DQG(1& Asthe sales brand of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Of- Þ ce (UKHO), a global provider of paper and electronic nauti- cal charts, a major focus for Admiralty in 2012 is supporting the maritime industry as it works to meet the challenges of ECDIS compliance. Out of this effort springs three practical initiatives that Admiralty is launching. First, a free Workshop aiming to demystify the planning process, secondly, a pro- motion offering free training places on IMO Model ECDIS courses, and thirdly, a training module speci Þ cally looking at how to correctly use the information within the ENC. Driven by robust feedback from mariners attending recent Admiralty workshops, it is clear that a high demand for infor- mation about ECDIS and ENCs exists, as well as confusion about training and regulatory requirements. Details about Ad- miralty?s three-pronged approach are as follows: Digital Integration Workshop ? The workshop presents and explains the actions required bya shipping company to ensure the safety and ef Þ ciency beneÞ ts of ECDIS are realised across their ß eet. To achieve this potential, a shipping company will need to ensure not just that ECDIS is operated correctly but that all the issues sur- rounding implementation are properly co-ordinated.? The concept for the workshops is that the transition to ECDIS is a voyage, not just a list of do?s and don?ts. Capt Hailwood (course convener) asks the questions that superin- As the world?s leading source of ENCs, Admiralty?s initiatives support shipping companies in developing the skills they need to get the most out of digital | Maritime Professional | 53

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