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Shipping container tracking is a subset of asset tracking and aims at secur- ing assets and increase operational efficiency. Berg Insight?s definition of a real-time container tracking solution is a system that incorporates data log- ging, satellite positioning and data communication to a back-office applica- tion. Tracking and monitoring of shipping containers came into focus after 9/11. Many companies saw an opportunity and started ambitious projects, but neither the technology nor the market was ready at the time. Today, mobile and satellite networks can provide ubiquitous online connectivity at a reason- able cost and mobile computing and sensor technology delivers high per- formance, as well as excellent usability. All of these components combined enable the delivery of supply chain management, security management and operations management applications linking containers and enterprise IT sys- tems.Intermodal shipping containers are standardized, reusable containers used in intermodal transport systems worldwide. Container trade is the fastest growing segment in seaborne trade, having grown nearly 10 percent annually since the 1980s. Maritime transportation and the increased containerization of goods are key enablers to make the global supply chain work efficiently. Today, more than 80 percent of international trade goods are carried by sea. There has been a consolidation trend in the container tracking market in the past two years with several major M&A activities. Berg insight anticipates that there will be a continued strong focus on container transport security andincreased supply chain visibility in the coming years which will favor the con- tainer tracking market. Tracking solutions can help transportation chain stake- holders to comply with regulations and security programs as well as increase the transportation efficiency. Proving the commercial value, finding efficient solutions for reverse logistics and bringing down hardware prices are key components to increase the adoption rate for container tracking solutions. Container Tracking and Security is a compre- hensive report from Berg Insight analyzing the latest developments on the container track- ing and security market worldwide. This strategic research report from Berg Insight provides you with 100 pages of unique business intelligence including 5-year industry forecasts and expert commentary to base busi- ness decisions. About the report: 135(Photo: Greg Trauthwein)

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