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Training & Maritime Security

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mariners who work on the inland rivers of the United States. Offering courses from Deckhand Basic Training through Marine Fire Þ ghting and Tankerman all the way to Master, the Mountwest Com- munity & Technical College Inland Wa- terways Academy is the one-stop shop for mariners? training needs. Telephone: 304-697-5616E-mail: whiteley@mctc.edu2FHDQ0DQDJHUOceanManager isweb based Comprehensive Maritime QHSE software solution enabling Ship Man- agement & Owner Companies to man- age ß eet operations ef Þ ciently. Installed over ß eets size of 400 vessels, Ocean- Manager Enterprise versions includes Document Management, Ship-Shore Analysis & Reporting, Vessel Particu- lars, Risk Assessment, Vetting Manage- ment, Port State Control & Audit Man- agement. OceanManager is designed for ensuring that ocean faring vessels are compliant and also has a version for Tugboats to provide Subchapter ?M? compliance. E-mail: telephone: 1 888 642 95307UDNORN TrakLok cre- atesvalue for its clients while reducing their risk and avoiding li- ability. TrakLok is commercializing an end-to-end cargo tracking and security management solution that dramatically increases the security of cargo and con- tainers while maximizing the ef Þ ciency of their movement and storage. Using physical security technologies, wireless communications, and wireless sensor networking, the GeoLok TM and Trak- LogTM solution provides lock-tight se- curity with complete in transit visibility for high value shipments throughout the world. Contact us and let us show you how to reduce your exposure. E-mail: info@traklok.comTelephone: 865-927-4911 7KH7XQGUD*URXS The Tundra Group is aCanadian, privately- owned and operated risk and security man- agement consultancy. Since 2004, Tundra has provided services to governmental, non- governmental and corporate clients both domestically and internationally. Tun- dra?s core specialties include security assessments, crisis management, protec- tive services, intelligence analysis and security and safety training services. Providing comprehensive risk manage- ment solutions, Tundra MDS is a leader in providing innovative maritime secu- rity services and accredited maritime training and can provide physical secu- rity solutions backed by operations cen- ters that use integrated networked radar systems that provide small target situ- ational awareness and proactive alerting systems. Tundra MDS has functioning maritime operations centers in the Port of Aqaba, Djibouti, Thailand, Barbados and Canada and can support individual vessels and shipping companies through all major transit routes. Telephone: 705 428 0544 E-mail: 0LG2FHDQ0DULQH 020 MOM is a privately owned company specializingin niche U.S. Flag mari- time transportation projects. MOM is joint venture minded and seeks partners where core competencies complement one another. Related companies include Mid Ocean Tanker Company LLC (a joint venture between Mid Ocean Ma- rine and private equity Þ rm Alterna) and VanEnkevort Tug & Barge, Inc. (www., a U.S. ß ag bulk transpor- tation company servicing the mining, steel and construction industries on the Great Lakes. VTB operates the most modern self-discharging dry bulk ATB ?Great Lakes Trader? and has been a forerunner in converting existing ves- sels into self-discharging, articulated tug barge units. Of the 7 ATBs on the Great Lakes, VTB has been involved in the conversion and/or ownership of 5 of Telephone: +1 (203) 299-0678. $%61DXWLFDO6\VWHPV ABS Nautical Systems, a division of ABS, is a leading provider of integrated asset management software for the maritime industry. For more than a quarter of a century, ABS Nautical Systems has followed a customer-centered approach to drive product innovation and provide solutions and services that enable its customers to attain operational, safety and technical excellence across their organizations. The current suite of products, NS5 Enterprise is more than just software. It is a fully-integrated information network that provides marine and offshore operators the ability to strengthen operational decision-making while promoting increased productivity with reduced operating expenses. NS5 Enterprise offers solutions in the following areas: Maintenance, Supply Chain, Workforce and Safety Management. This off-the-shelf technology has built- in con? gurations allowing the software to ? t operators needs both offshore and on. Headquartered in Houston, TX, ABS Nautical Systems has of? ces around the world to serve its extended customer base. For more information visit: | Maritime Professional | 63

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