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pervision at Derecktor Shipyard in New

York. The Maritime Aquarium of Nor- walk’s The Spirit of the Sound utilizes a BAE Hybrid/Northern Lights propul- sion application with Corvus Energy battery storage and Lugger Generators.

The research vessel will be delivered into service in the summer of 2014. The

BAE Hybrid system was chosen after analysis of the Aquarium’s operating schedule and the need for silent running during certain research tasks or educa- tional seminars on board the vessel. The lower emissions and “green” application also followed the Aquarium’s quest for a cleaner Long Island Sound.

Battery Technology Comes of Age

The opportunity to investigate Hybrid technologies has been created by the advancement of battery technology and energy storage. Lithium applications have led the charge over conventional lead acid for industrial applications where three vital attributes are consid- ered: power density, energy density and the number of cycles (charges and dis- charges) required. Corvus Energy has been the battery of choice in many if not all of the recent marine applications.

Where Lithium Ion (Iron Phosphate) batteries are now a standard in both do- mestic and small industrial applications of laptops, smart phones and small DC power supplies, the Corvus Energy sys- tem utilizes a Lithium Nickel Manga- nese Cobalt (NMC) confi guration. The

Lithium NMC battery, beyond supply- ing stronger initial power, also provides a better life cycle, ambient temperature control, power density and a controlled charge/discharge rate. The substantial weight reduction of Lithium NMC ver- sus Lead Acid is a leading reason why battery power can now be considered in commercial marine applications. I Maritime Professional I 13

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