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afterwards. For U.S. maritime academies, and with the increas- ingly time-consuming STCW training, the handwriting is on the wall ? they?ll have to move in the direction of the interna- tional training schemes to keep up. And that doesn?t even include the so-called dynamic-po- sitioning (DP) certi cations, where at this time, simply too many gray areas color the myriad standards and protocols. At the end of the day, laments Lima, ?No one has yet dem- onstrated that STCW has added value and/or safety with the extra training being required.? All challenges aside, we asked Dean Lima for his assess- ment of the current situation and an estimate of how long the ?boom? time could last ? at least at the academies themselves. For his part, Lima insists, ?For the next dozen years, the pros- pects look very good.? He cited attrition from a graying work- force and the uncertainty represented by far more stringent U.S. Coast Guard medical standards that are now being ap- plied at two year intervals, instead of the traditional  ve. Add in the ongoing domestic energy boom and it?s not too hard to join Lima in his optimism. That?s because, as the market changed and demanded products, the academies delivered. Stay tuned for what comes next. CMAMaineMass.MichiganSUNYTexasUSMMAAllPCT. Lic. 2008Graduates131169214302682632111286 Licensed9786112301374221171556 Non-Lic.348310201312210571 2009Graduates159152257193062501961339 Licensed102102122191724019675356 Non-Lic.575013501342100586 2010Graduates157182252212662742011353 Licensed101125122211445520176957 Non-Lic.565713001222190584 2011Graduates169210267303002612051442 Licensed119136108291656520582757 Non-Lic.507415911351960615 2012Graduates171156292273903282191583 Licensed11393126252295621986154 Non-Lic.586316621612720722 2013Graduates16113232541 396337201 1593Licensed1137312541 2436320185954 Non-Lic.485920001532740734 Totals Graduates948100116071681926171312195420 Licensed645615715165 10903211219306457 Non-Lic.3033868923836139202356 PCT Lic.68614498571910057 AVGGraduates15816726828 3212862061433 HighNo. Grads.20122011 2013201320132013 20122013PCTLicensed 686144985719 100*** (*) entries marked in RED show high water marks for those categories; total enrollment, average enrollment, numbers of licensed graduates, etc. CMA (California Maritime Academy). | Maritime Professional | 6350-63 Q3 MP2014.indd 6350-63 Q3 MP2014.indd 638/15/2014 10:39:04 AM8/15/2014 10:39:04 AM

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