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career development

Jacquelin – who wears many hats – recently volun- teered to skipper an 80 foot research vessel from

LA to the California Maritime Academy after it had been transferred from another state agency.

Having sailed, regulated and insured, you have a very unique understating of your client’s day-to-day ” operations and you can better cater to their needs by providing insight, resources and guidance to prevent incidents and costly claims. One of the largest challenges a broker can face in the marine industry is being able to properly represent their clients operations and exposures to insurance carriers.

Having done all of the things I have, the underwriters I work with know that I know what

I’m talking about and clients know that their money is being responsibly spent.

– PJ Jacquelin, Client Executive, Barney and Barney “ need expertise to help them identify risks in order to develop tionally, unforeseen accidents happen, so the correct coverage or improve their risk management program. and contracts have to be in place.”

For Jacquelin, and re? ecting his broad experience, there are One of the biggest bene? ts that this job description brings to two schools of thought when it comes to risk management. the table is that, as outsiders, every operation is viewed with

The ? rst involves preventing accidents and incidents from oc- a fresh set of eyes. For example, misunderstanding about a curring in the ? rst place. The second is the administrative client’s operations can lead underwriters to make assumptions approach that ensures that the proper coverage is purchased, and either declining to quote an account or charging for expo- contracts are properly worded and appropriate indemni? ca- sures that simply don’t exist. But, it takes experience to prop- tions are in place. Jacquelin explains, “You have to approach it erly represent the client’s operations and then help them to get from both directions. While we can do everything right opera- the coverage they need at the most favorable terms. 22 Maritime Professional 1Q 2015 | |

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