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Beyond this, Tamara’s responsibilities at Carnival are now much broader. These include the university recruiting pro- gram, a global relocation program, immigration management, a careers website, and training programs for her team. “I am much more involved in the operations. As part of a larger HR department, I work collaboratively and am mindful that we are part of a greater group and delivering success is a team effort. Naturally, that is very different than the agency side, where it is really laser focused on one task.”

That’s not to say the Faststream experience wasn’t valuable – it was. Ellis says, “The main ‘take away’ was the understanding and knowledge of Marine Operations. Having come to Carni- val with that understanding, and knowing how to work with the population certainly has been helpful, particularly because ship operations and marine technical operations is a large part of the business, as we are a ship operator.” Nevertheless, the marine side of the business is just one aspect of what Ellis deals with on a daily basis. And, she had to hit the ground running.

When Ellis

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