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Along with the goodwill, however, candidates can and do turn to graduates this is serious business. Bryan is on already on board these vessels. ADM call 24/7 to advise any licensed of? cer Richard Gurnon, the Academy’s Presi- on regulations and protocol. Moreover, dent, said from the program’s outset, he reports, “I am the last set of eyes on “The cruise industry has been a great ? t all important Environmental documents and a signi? cant bene? ciary of MSEP before the Master is signing them. This graduates’ unique skill sets. These alum- includes the Oil Record Book, Sewage/ ni have helped make their ? eet excellent

Greywater Book, and Garbage Record examples of “green ships.”

Book.” In an age where the federal gov- ernment likes to invoke the Migratory Stepping Out:

Bird Act when prosecuting for environ- the New Environmental Of? cer mental crimes, it is critical that ships The new Environmental Of? cer, step- stay in compliance with company and ping into his or her ? rst billet, can expect international regulations. That’s espe- to earn as much as $60,000 annually. cially true in the cruise industry, where There is a price for that. Working seven every customer is likely to be carrying a days a week and always being on call can video camera on their way to the pool. take its toll, but Richard Bryan says that

To that end, says Bryan, “The licensed the rewards go deeper than pay, explain- of? cers and I always work close togeth- ing, “I have made great friends from all er and always have a great working rela- over the world. And, I’ve been to over 50 tionship. We all work as a team.” different ports and seen things that most

Graduates such as Bryan only people don’t get to see in a lifetime. The strengthen the relationship between the Job is rewarding and enriching, I am al-

Academy and Celebrity Cruises, Aza- ways learning new things and experienc- mara Cruises and RCCL. As cruise lines ing new situations that not only progress and hiring managers get familiar with my professional career, but improve me and comfortable with the product (peo- as a person.” Arguably, you can’t ask for ple) being produced by the academy, much more from any job. And in this they naturally come back for more. The case, when it comes to Mass. Maritime alumni network in the cruise industry MSEP graduates, the cruise lines get far also helps, as prospective environmental more than they pay for.

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