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Our most critical and innovative vetting element is our Navigation Assessment

Program, which requires all deck of? cers “ to complete a simulator assessment before they stand a navigation watch. – Mike Golonka, vice president, ”

Crowley ship management

And, because Thome Ship Manage- within its own pool of trained seafarers.

ment operates out of of? ces all around Michael Elwert, Director of Group the globe, it gives them global reach but HR, HSSEQ & Crewing, said “We place also cultural diversity. To that point, Ma- a great deal of importance on our cadet lik insists, “Cultural diversity, is, in fact, program and are delighted that it is prov- our strength. We do not focus on a pass- ing so successful, adding, “He added: port / nationality but rather our focus is “We at Thome Group recognize the im- on competence and attitude. With the portance of providing quality training to world getting more and more connected our seafarers and the difference it makes with each passing day, it is essential for towards them and ultimately the perfor- a business, particularly like ship man- mance of the vessels they operate. We agement which involves operations all believe that training is the key to operat- around the world, to have a 360 degrees ing safe and ef? cient ships on greener approach in all respects. The cultural di- seas. The level of training we provide versity enables us to understand the re- is specialized and is over and above the quirements and solutions from all angles standard recommended by STCW.” and in general also prepares the employ- As Thome Group continues with the ees better for dealing with different cul- expansion of its ? eet, the requirement for tural groups outside the company.” suitably trained of? cers to serve onboard

To that end, Thome’s Human Element its tankers, bulkers, gas carriers and off- drive is well recognized in industry and shore has increased exponentially. The focuses on Quality and Safety; which cadet program has a robust selection pro-

Malik says go hand in hand. For exam- cess to ensure that Thome recruits well ple, Thome Group recently announced rounded candidates who bene? t from that it had become self-suf? cient in re- quality coaching. The multi-national and cruiting junior of? cers, thanks to its in- multi-cultural cadets match up well the house cadet training program. diversity with Thome Group.

Launched in 2005 under Thome’s Notable in the long line Thome Global “Human Element” initiative, the Thome Cadet Program graduates is Chief En-

Global Cadet Program has already gineer Jonathan Duenas who gradu- trained in excess of 1,350 cadets from ated from the very ? rst program in 2005 at least 12 countries in Asia, Europe and and has since become Thome Group’s the Far East. Currently there are 650 ca- youngest Chief Engineer. Duenas report- dets at various stages of training on the ed, “Being able to be part of the Thome program with another 200 due to join Cadet Program has not only given me an soon as deck, engine, electrical or cater- amazing opportunity, it has also given ing cadets. The success of this scheme me a career that I’m passionate about. It has enabled Thome Group to ? ll all of shaped me to be a better decision maker its 2014 junior of? cer vacancies from and critical thinker.”

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