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Courtesy ISU 10 Mergers & Acquisitions 38 Safe Manning Practices 44 Statistics | | |

MarPro contributor Captain Jeff Cowan ad- When it comes to Professional Recruitment:

By Harry Ward dresses Overriding Operational Conditions and Experience Pays

By Eric Peters asks simply, “What were they thinking?”

By Captain Jeff Cowan 12 Shipping Under Pressure |

Improving Revenue-to-Operating Costs Ratio 54 Salvage 101 | will be the Key The Importance of Cooperation Between Parties. 40 Step Up for the Mariner |

By Richard Greiner

U.S. Coast Guard and Maritime Law Associa-

By Leendert Muller tion attorneys coordinate training to promote pro bono representation of mariners at Coast Guard 16 Ethane Transport & Tech 58 Port Business Rede? ned | | suspension and revocation hearings.

The export of ethane will eventually happen, in New Orleans builds enviable cruise traf? c on

By Walter J. Brudzinski con¬cert with market conditions. top of a carefully crafted business plan.

By Patrick Janssens and William Sember

By Susan Buchanan 42 Arctic Smarts | career pro? le Newfoundland and Labrador is preparing the next 8 Editor’s Note | wave of ocean technology experts.

24 Tamara Ellis | 9 The List |

Director, Talent Acquisition, Carnival Cruise Line

By Joseph Keefe | 64 Advertiser’s Index 4 Maritime Professional 1Q 2015I I

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