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So, You Want to be in Bunkers?

A primer for the curious from Dan-Bunkering.

By Joseph Keefe

Dan Bunkering head of? ce in Middelfart, Denmark

The Aalborg, Denmark

Dan Bunkering team ccording to Denmark-based Dan-

Bunkering, a global supplier of

Abunker fuels, lubricants and related products and services, it is dif? cult if not im- possible to pinpoint the perfect background i thi hi h i it l i li f b i for a Bunker Trader. The worldwide and di- ing, something which is quite unusual in our line of business verse organization manages both the local tugboat company nowadays.” as well as the international mastodon carrying hundreds of Dan-Bunkering runs its own internal training program mak- containers worldwide. Dan-Bunkering CEO Henrik Zederkof ing sure that everyone – people coming directly from busi- explains, “We need both ‘farmers and hunters’ to maintain our ness school as well as people coming in with experience from brand, however, a performance oriented team player with ex- other businesses – will be well prepared to step into the role of perience within sales or better yet; shipping, is not a bad com- Bunker Trader. Beyond this, the ? rm employs many different bination.” With that said; several of their bunker traders have nationalities onboard which is essential in order to strengthen been with the ? rm for decades and started out as trainees. He and maintain its global market coverage. For example, the adds, “We are proud that we each year have colleagues who sales department in the home of? ce in Denmark boasts sev- celebrate both 10th and 25th anniversaries with Dan-Bunker- eral different nationalities – China, Turkey and Russia, just to 16 Maritime Professional 2Q 2015I I

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