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Participants apply ECDIS

Any mariner completing the Ice Navigation (ALAVCT-738) and ARPA tools to supple- course will satisfy the knowledge, understanding, and ment life-like Arctic visual- izations in the Det Norske the pro? ciency for the ice condition, voyage planning

Veritas (DNV)-certi? ed and navigating ice requirement of Section A-11/2, Table “ simulator bridges. Com- plex simulation scenarios

A-11/2 and Section A-11/3, Table A-11/3 of the STCW challenge participants with

Code as amended 2010, and task 1.1.A.4 of NVIC 10-14 exercises in route ? nding, pilot transfer, anchoring, and 1.1.A.3 of NVIC 11-14.

” convoys, and emergencies in ice. Each exercise in the simulator involves at least 45 minutes of intensive mission evolution, followed by debrie? ng discussions among course participants and instructors.

The three interactive sim- ulator bridges at AVTEC re- alistically portray hydrody- namics of ship interaction with a solid ice edge and with broken ice, reduced stability from superstruc- ture icing, interactions be- tween multiple ships in ice, and towing in ice.

Each participant must have a turn at “the con,” at the helm, and as naviga- tor, using all the sensors, displays, radio communi- cations, and other bridge resources of a modern well equipped ice-going ship.

Simulator experience pro- vides course participants Captain Michael Terminel at the helm and Niklas Ranta at a recent practice session with con? dence to deal while navigating in Ice in AVTEC’s DNV certi? ed full mission simulator.

with extraordinary ice navi- gation challenges without the expense and risks of real-world experience at sea extreme conditions, such as ex- pilot groups and watch-keeping crew from cruise ships, tank- treme cold, high winds, high waves, darkness, fog, and snow. ers, commercial ? shing vessels, ferries, and US Coast Guard ships. Kongsberg Vice President of Sales and Acting General

Manager of the Americas Clayton Burry extended congratula-


AVTEC ship simulators have been instrumental in train- tions to AVTEC on having completed its ? rst STCW 95 ap- ing mariners for over a decade. Maritime professionals from proved Ice Navigation Course for professional mariners. He

Alaska and throughout the United States have utilized AVTEC said, “AVTEC’s innovation in the development of new pro- simulators and other facilities for advance training including grams tailored for operations in the harsh environments of the | Maritime Professional | 57

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