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The maritime industry is an amazing opportunity to see the world and make “ a positive impact on it. The maritime academies in the U.S. can be perfect places to start out because maritime still is a relatively growing industry with many opportunities.

Which part of your daily routine at Celebrity do you ? nd the most interesting, and why?

“Routine” is one thing this position is not, and there are great advantages to that. Nearly every day you’re in a differ- ent place at different times, with conditions never being the not new when you get to the position of captain, as one has same – it’s fascinating, and you’re always on your toes. Also, spent many years on watch, in the conning chair with that re- with arrivals and departures occurring frequently – most times sponsibility. When transitioning to the cruise sector and prior on a daily basis – maneuvering a cruise ship is an experience to becoming a cruise ship captain, even the most experienced cargo ship captain would bene? t from putting in the time in second to none.

other ranks on cruise ships because it is a bit of a different

Talent is talent – regardless of gender. Tell us what world altogether. I highly recommend experiencing different sectors of the maritime industry, you can appreciate ? rsthand got you promoted up the chain in the ? rst place.

Becoming captain is a marathon, not a sprint. Experience is the diversity and responsibility each has to offer.

one of the most important traits a captain can possess. My ad- vancement occurred over a period of nearly two decades and They have a saying in air freight: The advantage of through all ranks – from dreamer to deck cadet, third of? cer, ? ying for a freighter as opposed to a passenger jet is second of? cer, ? rst of? cer, chief of? cer of safety, and staff that “freight doesn’t complain.” That’s true enough.

But how does the Master impact and “make happier” (deputy) captain – prior to my promotion to captain. I have al- paying customers?

ways been surrounded by supportive peers and remarkable cap-

It is paramount to be a visible captain and to lead by ex- tains who took the time and energy to mentor me along the way.

ample. It also is the captain’s and the crew’s responsibility to be present and accessible, making for happy guests and crew.

As Captain, you will be responsible for the safe nav- igation of the ship and the onboard experience of

On your way to your current role, what was your big- more than 2,100 guests and almost 1,000 crew mem- bers. How different is the role of Master on a cruise gest challenge? How about your biggest success?

The biggest opportunity is to establish myself in the brand ship than that of Master of perhaps a bulker? Why?

The responsibility for the safety of our guests and crew is and position. The position naturally warrants authority, and that 12 Maritime Professional 3Q 2015I I 1-17 Q3 MP2015.indd 12 9/18/2015 3:13:00 PM

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